Glacier Hemp was founded in Kalispell Montana in 2016. We are proud to be part of a military veteran owned and operated business group now located in California, Colorado and Montana.

We started extracting the best CBD oil that we could using a CO2 extraction process to keep all of the important health benefits of hemp intact. Our initial motivation was to help combat wounded veterans recover from a variety of injuries. There were men and women who all served honorably in the U.S. Military and were suffering badly, most given some sort of opiate based drug to “fix” their particular brand of pain. Our CDB products seemed to be a miracle for almost everyone that tried it. Those suffering from PTSD, injury induced pain, anxiety, tremors, insomnia, brain trauma, prosthetic pain, skin rashes and more, all seemed to get nearly immediate relief with our CBD products.

In order to unleash every possible benefit of CBD, we won’t ever produce an inferior product just to make it cheaper. Full spectrum CBD oil does cost more but it’s worth every penny and the proof is immediate once you compare ours to others that use isolate, distillates and THC free oils and powders.

Our passion continues to be driven by the incredible potential of industrial hemp. This cannabis species may be the single most powerful plant known to man. Sadly, the technology and product development is at least 80 years behind where it should be today. Fortunately however, we have already unleashed massive potential for helping military veterans as well as everyone else in need of the healing benefits of full spectrum Cannabidiol oil. We are just getting started when you realize everything else that can be developed using each part of the hemp plant.

Currently, the medical industry is researching the potential of Cannabidiol hemp oil. Recently the National Cancer Institute has published this astonishing fact on their website:

“Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory”

This is fantastic news for all of us as we are likely to face this disease in one way or another during our lifetime. We have already experienced the healing potential of our hemp oil first hand so this is really no surprise to us.

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