CBD Vaporizer Cartridge


  • No PEG, PG, MCT or VG added EVER
  • 500 mg winterized CBD oil per cartridge
  • All natural flavors to choose from


This is one of the only all natural CBD vape cartridges you will find on the market today. We found a proprietary method of getting the hemp oil to flow without adding unhealthy ingredients. Our oil is first winterized to remove the waxes and lipids that you don’t need to inhale. For the natural CBD flavor choice, there is nothing else added. The only other additive for the other flavor choices is natural terpenes that give each hit a subtle, soothing taste sensation.

If you consume medical marijuana and have a job where you need to focus, this is a must try product. Many marijuana vape users have told us they get the same benefit from our CBD vaporizer without getting stoned.

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Lemon, Blood Orange, Natural


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